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    Color Palette #93 (Maka and Crona- Soul Eater)

    Things I also ship besides Maka and Soul.

    I started messing with the color palette challenge a couple of days ago and it turned out to more fun and challenging than I thought it’d be. I’ll probably try to complete the whole set with different fandoms. I’ll take suggestions for other things to draw, but I won’t guarantee that I’ll do them because I’m a terrible person that doesn’t always finish or start requests. >__>; But I hope you enjoy these anyways. 

    Finished this a couple of weeks ago and forgot to post here.

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    So as promised, here are some things I’ve been working on and off on. I’m extremely slow when it comes to coloring so I end up being bored or have other ideas I want to work on. BUT at least I’m drawing more again and I will never complain about that! 

    Later on I’ll repost some of the stuff that was taken down a couple months back. Hopefully the ship hate has died down a bit for it to be safe to put up again. 

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    Sorry for the inactivity guys. I took the summer off school but I still feel like it’s been busy. I didn’t draw a lot after finals but when I did start drawing again, I ended up starting projects and stopping to start other projects. I’ve also done a lot of different coloring techniques. Soon I’ll post some WIPS of things I’ve been drawing (tho no promises that they’ll be SNK related). Still debating whether or not to repost those posts that were taken down, but chances are, I probably will.

    Thanks for those sticking around despite being absent for a while and thanks to those who continue to stick around!

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    I should be doing homework but instead I’m complaining about 5 year olds. 

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    What the heck? Seriously? That is seriously rude?! I wish I could help you, but I don’t know what you should do… I guess contact Tumblr staff, but…?

    UGh, Ikr? Apparently it’s happening all over the erejean fandom because some people don’t like it. LIKE WOW. Like how do these people even make a case against me? HOW AM I INFRINGING?

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    So I just got 3 pieces of artwork taken down for ‘INFRINGEMENT’ because SOME people are PETTY and TERRIBLE. So I’m wondering if someone knew the correct procedure to either help return them or protect them when I repost them and protect the current pieces I do have up. 

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    I’m not dead

    Sorry I’ve been way more inactive than I said I would be. My finals came and then I spent my short spring bank getting sleep that I didn’t get the final weeks of the previous term. I was hoping that the first couple of weeks of the new term would be okay and that I might be able to get some time in between to draw, but that flew out the window the first couple of days. I have a ton of writing and reading assignments in all my classes and just thinking about it makes me want to cry a river (on the inside). So until I can learn to manage to time better, I’ll probably be inactive for the most part. I’ll try and be somewhat productive on the weekends because I do have some ideas for drawing and experiments I want to do with coloring, so expect something at some point. (I also still have that request that I’m working on that only needs to be colored so that’ll come first before anything else). (I’m also sorry that I missed doing anything for erejean week, I’ll make that somehow). 

    Thanks to all the new people following me and for all the notes! I hope I don’t continually disappoint you. Haha. Happy Wednesday!

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    Quick Update

    I know I haven’t been very active lately and it’s mostly due to school and me procrastinating on almost everything. But It’s getting close to finals and I really need to cram for the last couple of weeks before the term is over, so you probably won’t hear from me until then (my last final will be on the 20th). 

    BUT I do have in the works for when I am finished as thanks for being patient with me. As for the only person who gave me a prompt, I am working on it so be prepared! Thanks you to all the new followers and for all the notes (even if people are still tagging my art wrong)!

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    It’s like 2am, but I want people to give me erejean art prompts.

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    Celebrate the New Year with Erejean!

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