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    I’m not dead

    Sorry I’ve been way more inactive than I said I would be. My finals came and then I spent my short spring bank getting sleep that I didn’t get the final weeks of the previous term. I was hoping that the first couple of weeks of the new term would be okay and that I might be able to get some time in between to draw, but that flew out the window the first couple of days. I have a ton of writing and reading assignments in all my classes and just thinking about it makes me want to cry a river (on the inside). So until I can learn to manage to time better, I’ll probably be inactive for the most part. I’ll try and be somewhat productive on the weekends because I do have some ideas for drawing and experiments I want to do with coloring, so expect something at some point. (I also still have that request that I’m working on that only needs to be colored so that’ll come first before anything else). (I’m also sorry that I missed doing anything for erejean week, I’ll make that somehow). 

    Thanks to all the new people following me and for all the notes! I hope I don’t continually disappoint you. Haha. Happy Wednesday!

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    Quick Update

    I know I haven’t been very active lately and it’s mostly due to school and me procrastinating on almost everything. But It’s getting close to finals and I really need to cram for the last couple of weeks before the term is over, so you probably won’t hear from me until then (my last final will be on the 20th). 

    BUT I do have in the works for when I am finished as thanks for being patient with me. As for the only person who gave me a prompt, I am working on it so be prepared! Thanks you to all the new followers and for all the notes (even if people are still tagging my art wrong)!

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    It’s like 2am, but I want people to give me erejean art prompts.

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    I never draw angry boyfriends angry. I’m a sham.

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    Celebrate the New Year with Erejean!

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    My first Zelda related art ever dedicated to my friends, Clara and Diana, who took away my Zelda virginity by making me play Ocarina of Time last Thursday. The N64 version. 

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    I think sometimes. people use auto key word that appear when tags. For my example, I’ve Jean x Eren and Jean x Marco and may push it wrong by unintentional.

    I guess I could understand that if they tagged it once, but I know there are others who aren’t using that tag as a mistake because they’ll use multiple tags with that ship name and/or with character names. In most of the cases I’ve seen, I know it was intentional. ;w;

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    I am incapable of not freaking out when it comes to your art, darling, you should know that. Lol! And I think that’s with everyone! No worries! YOU’RE GETTING THERE [TO THAT NSFW AREA, THAT IS]. WWWWWWWW YOU’LL BEAT ME TO IT.

    Haha it should be easy enough, especially if it’s not very IC. @w@; Also, I will always just straddle the line between SFW and NSFW. Haha. I fear I’ll never pass that line but who knows. I’d probably too embarrassed to post it, though.

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    If that were the case, you definitely drew some pretty OOC looking ReiGisa there, buddy. LOL

    Haha, well at least you could tell who they were. It never stopped you from freaking out, though. Also, I need to draw characters more than a few times to get them look right haha. It took me a while to comfortably draw Jean, sooo….

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    /CLINGS TO YOU. I SAW THOSE TAGS TOO. /LAUGHS. sometimes, it’s best to look at the artist’s original post and check their tags, tbh….. wwwwwww

    You would think, right? Especially if you weren’t sure. BUT I also saw people reblogging from the ones tagging it Jeanmarco and correcting it, so I don’t know if people are just seeing what they want to see. /lies on the floor

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